Pilgrim Pines Camp has been a central part of ministry for the United Church of Christ in Southern California and Nevada for generations. Our conference, our churches, our community and world would not be the same without the opportunities for spiritual growth, leadership development, community building, and visioning a new world that have, through God's love, called countless campers into ministry as pastors, teachers, social workers, community organizers, public interest workers, stewards of God's creation, and many many more places where in their professional and volunteer lives they use the gifts that they learned and grew from their experiences at Pilgrim Pines. Pilgrim Pines is sacred ground, where countless people have had the opportunity to come together and build relationships that seek to transform our broken world.

   And, Pilgrim Pines Camp is in dire need of financial support at this time.  Due to the global pandemic, all events at Pilgrim Pines were cancelled beginning in March of 2020, and the future months are still very uncertain. We have also been affected by the recent El Dorado Fire. While we only have a small amount of physical property that has burned, we have a huge mess all over camp that needs to be cleaned up, ash, fire retardant, damage from the bulldozers that saved our buildings, a fire engine took down part of one of our stone walls that will need to be repaired, and more. And, our next ENORMOUS task will be trying to prepare for the winter rains, if you know about wildfires, you know that the danger doesn't end when they are contained - we need to mitigate the dangers from mudslides this winter. This year has been devastating, and we are asking for your support to help with clean-up efforts, work to mitigate the danger of mudslides, and help continue the incredible legacy of ministry at Pilgrim Pines for future generations. Our campaign symbol of the Rainbow reminds us of the hope and promise God gives to us that our inclusive community can continue to change the world, when we work together.

   How can you help?


1) Come to camp in person for Distanced Family Camping, with new health and safety restrictions due to COVID 19, but with the chance to enjoy the beauty and fresh air of camp in

safely distance and sanitized settings. - Book Here

2) Donate - Donate Here



All donors who give to our Rainbow Above the Pines Campaign will join in our shared community speaking clearly that an inclusive community where all ages and abilities can learn and grow together is an essential part of our churches, conference, and world. Those who give $50 or more in addition to their Distance Family Camp costs will receive a special welcome basket when you come to visit camp. Your gifts are deeply important, needed, and appreciated.  THANK YOU to all in the wider Pilgrim Pines Community of alums, campers, families, volunteers, churches, and more!  

All donors to our Rainbow Above the Pines Campaign will be acknowledged on our webpage (or listed as anonymous if you prefer) and will be celebrated in person at camp when it is safe to gather as a large group again. Please give generously and support our special programs in this difficult time, and join us as we continue our journey to create space both for sabbath rest and renewal, and also equip leaders to transform the oppressions of our world, bringing justice and wholeness to all God's children and creation.